Where Am I? Transporting Your Trademark Career to a Different Country

Recorded On: 05/23/2016

Pre-recorded from INTA's 2016 Annual Meeting. 

It is often said that the world is a global village, and in the world of trademarks this is now truer than ever. This session highlights the benefits to corporations, service providers and law firms of having expats, with their unique skills and experiences, on their team. It will also address the feasibility of transferring licenses to practice in other countries and ways to continue your career without a local license. Expats who have successfully transferred their careers cross border will share their experiences. Challenges and pitfalls to such a professional move are all part of the journey and will also be discussed.

The panel consists of a lawyer from the US who started his own firm in Brazil, an Australian lawyer who immigrated to the US and worked initially in law firms and now is with an international legal service provider, a lawyer from South Africa who is now in-house counsel in Europe and a New Zealand lawyer who is now partner in an international law firm, with her office located in Dubai.

Discussion points will include:

  • What are the unique skills that expats bring to corporations, firms and service providers?
  • Transferring and applying “local” trademark knowledge to a career in a different country.
  • Must one obtain a local law license to work in the trademark field in a country other than where they initially qualified?
  • Ethical considerations in being subject to two separate and possibly conflicting ethical guidelines. 

Kay Rickelman (Moderator)

Spoor & Fisher (South Africa)

Jayne Durden

CPA Global (United Kingdom)

Jayne is a seasoned trademark attorney and solicitor.  She is experienced in working in large and boutique law firms in the US and Australia where she helped in-house legal counsel and brand managers develop strong brands, supported by strategic trademark filing strategies and strong and effective team structure to support this. Jayne has managed IP departments and coordinated creative change-management solutions for corporate and law firm groups to help reduce risk, maximize resources and ensure accuracy.  At CPA Global, Jayne runs the Solutions Architecture team which conducts IP Diagnostics with corporate and law firm clients.

Barry Gerber

Philip Morris International Management SA (Switzerland)

Walter W. Palmer

Pinheiro Palmer Advogados (Brazil)


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