With a focus on topics and issues that face brand owners, INTA’s subject matter experts share updates, insights, and guidance to help you make informed and educated decisions to help your organization and business.

Corporate Updates are an exclusive benefit to brand owners, and are examples of the resources that an INTA membership provides all staff at a member location.

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    What are the tax implications of trademarks and complementary IP rights? As a brand owner, what should you know and how should you collaborate with the finance, accounting, and tax teams in your company? Join us for this Corporate Update, in which INTA President Zeeger Vink (MF Brands Group, Switzerland) and Jeff Marowits (Keystone Strategy, LLC, United States) introduce brand owners to the topic of taxation and present INTA’s 2022 Report on the Taxation of Trademarks and Complementary Rights in Europe. This will be of interest to brand owners whether located in Europe or elsewhere.

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  • Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 03/03/2021

    Brexit 2.0: Now that Brexit is there, the EUIPO & UKIPO Tells You What You Should Know

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    In this corporate update, Liz Hanellin, INTA’s Director of Legal Resources will share our most used resources and will demonstrate how to extract the information you need from these databases and searchable guides.

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    In this corporate update, exclusive for brand owners, our in-house expert, Lori Schulman, Senior Director, Internet Policy, will share INTA’s advocacy efforts regarding domain names, cybersquatting, privacy and the global discussion on the future of Internet governance.