What Can Trademark Practitioners Learn from Advertising and Marketing Professionals?

Recorded On: 05/23/2018

Pre-recorded from INTA's 2018 Annual Meeting. 

Advertising and marketing professionals (whether organized in their own firms, or working inside broader businesses) often engage with trademark practitioners over a range of topics. Sometimes those pairings are successful, but sometimes they just aren’t. And too often when an engagement isn’t successful, the parties just drift apart and neither side really gets to learn why it didn’t work out. 

In this session, we’ll look at what trademark practitioners need to know about working successfully with advertising and marketing professionals.  Part of the lessons to be learned will come from better understanding how advertising and marketing professionals execute their roles, including as regarding:

  • naming
  • claims substantiation; and
  • litigation surveys

We’ll also examine what advertising and marketing professionals think are the hallmarks of a successful legal engagement, and what they wish more trademark practitioners knew about advertising and marketing professionals—and about trademarks!—that would help enhance the chances of a successful pairing.   

Jeffrey Vicq (Moderator)

Clark Wilson LLP (Canada)

Deborah Davis

Electronic Arts Inc. (United States)

Bruce Isaacson

MMR Strategy Group (United States)

Robyn Yoder

Amazon.com, Inc. (United States)


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