Madison Avenue Meets Hollywood: Navigating Product Placement Deals in Movies and Television

Recorded On: 05/21/2018

Pre-recorded at INTA's 2018 Annual Meeting. 

As consumers, we see product placement often. As trademark practitioners, many of us know that much more thought goes into making these deals than the general public may realize. This session will explore details of product placement in a fun and practical way. It will cover:

  • Discussion of product placement methods, including “reverse” product placement and broader brand integration.
  • Criticism of product placement deals and the potential for tarnishment.
  • Considerations for negotiating product placement deals, including level of control by brand owners.
  • Emerging techniques in product placement, including electronic insertion of products into older programs or to customize placement for appeal to different regions.

Christine Hernandez (Moderator)

The H.D. Lee Company, Inc. (United States)

Giselle Huron

Google (United States)

Susan Kayser

K&L Gates (United States)


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Open to view video.