An Insider’s View of the Challenges of Law Firm Management

Recorded On: 05/02/2015

Pre-recorded from INTA's 2015 Annual Meeting.

This session will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the many issues facing law firm management, specifically:

  • How does a firm balance the pricing pressure from inside counsel with the need to maintain a reasonable level of profitability?
  • How does one deal with staffing issues and balance the client relationship with the need to handle administrative and marketing responsibilities?
  • How does one facilitate more knowledge sharing within a firm and foster relationships among colleagues?
  • What technologies are available to make the law firm more efficient?
  • How does a firm mentor and supervise its associates to strengthen their critical legal and business skills?
  • How can staff and paraprofessionals provide more value to the firm?
  • What are best practices in dealing with collections to reduce accounts receivable?
  • Are requests by clients for proposals worth the time and effort to respond?
  • How are firms dealing with issues of reciprocity when it comes to maximizing potential business while advancing client interests in uniform representation?
  • How are firms vetting and handling conflicts of interest: legal vs. business?

Mark Kachigian (Moderator)

Johnson & Kachigian (United States)

Rose Auslander

Carter, Ledyard & Milburn LLP (United States)

Marcus Gallie

Ridout & Maybee LLP (Canada)

Anthony Tong

Robin Bridge & John Liu (Hong Kong SAR, China)


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Open to view video.