Professional Development Session—Four Generations, One Workplace

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People are living longer, working longer, and changing jobs more frequently than any other time in our history. The workplace and the workforce are no longer what they were when our father’s father left the house each morning, worked hard each day, did what the company asked, and retired when it was time to do so. This nostalgic view of work was probably more of a romantic recollection than the reality, but the image of that bygone era left its mark on the generation that followed. Things were fine until dad was downsized and mom got a job. These events also left an impression on the children that experienced them.

Events shape perceptions, perceptions become beliefs, and beliefs become the basis for our world view. And so, the cycle continues—welcome to the new world of work.

Join us and hear from Chris De Santis, author of Why I find You Irritating: How to Engage with and Embrace Generational Friction at Work, who will share his insights and suggestions on working effectively in the multi-generational workplace.

Chris De Santis


Chris De Santis is an independent organizational behavior practitioner, speaker, podcaster, and author, with over thirty-five years of experience working with clients in professional services firms both domestically and internationally. Over the past fifteen years, he has been invited to speak on generational issues in the workplace at hundreds of the leading U.S. law and accounting firms, as well as many of the major insurance and pharma companies. His new book is Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work (Amplify Publishing, May 3, 2022)


Professional Development Session—Four Generations, One Workplace
Recorded 07/06/2022
Recorded 07/06/2022