How Leaders Can Attract and Maintain Law Firm Talent Through Innovative Compensation Models

Recorded On: 09/12/2023

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Law firm compensation models range from the traditional lockstep method based upon seniority to complicated formula-based approaches that consider metrics like client and matter origination, hours billed, non-billable administrative activities, and more. The former can be perceived as archaic and stifling while the latter can be viewed as a black box without sufficient transparency. Compensation models can also impact clients’ decisions as to which law firm to retain and can be leveraged by clients to influence a law firm’s DEI policies.  

When it comes to compensation models, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as firms come with their own histories, operating structures, leadership, and marketplace issues. With competition for talent fierce amid market turbulence, most law firm compensation models could stand some improvement to attract and retain key employees. This webinar addresses how firms can improve their compensation models to become more equitable and incentivizing, while aligning with their core values and managing profitability.


Kate O’Rourke, Head of Trademarks, Mewburn Ellis LLP (United Kingdom)


Sheja Ehtesham, Managing Partner, ALG India Law Offices LLP (India)

Nadine Jacobson, Partner, Fross Zelnick (United States)

Peter Johnson, Founder, Law Practice Consultants (United States)

Kate O’Rourke (Moderator)

Head of Trademarks

Mewburn Ellis LLP (United Kingdom)

Kate is a Partner, Head of Trademarks and a member of the Management Board of Mewburn Ellis LLP, a Patent & Trademark firm in London.  She handles all aspects of trademark work and provides strategic advice on selection, adoption, protection, and enforcement of brands internationally. Kate is recognised in IP Stars 2023 as one of the Top 250 women in IP. She is a Past President of the UK Chartered Institute of Trademark Attorneys, where she continues to be an active Executive Committee member and where she leads the taskforce on the need for reform of rights of representation at the UKIPO. At INTA, Kate is a member of the Leadership Committee, after spending many years in the Pro Bono Committee.

Sheja Ehtesham

Managing Partner

ALG India Law Offices LLP (India)

Sheja is a trademark attorney and the Managing Partner of ALG India Law Offices LLP, an Intellectual Property & Litigation law firm. Her practice covers enforcement, prosecution & strategy. She advises her clients in strategizing negotiations and on structuring successful and profitable settlements. She has specific expertise in devising effective filing and enforcement strategies in India. A long-standing diversity ally, demonstrated by the metrics at her own mid-sized IP firm in India having about 60 members, in which 50% are women across and at each level, including equity partners. Even beyond gender diversity, her firm’s members are located across different cities and towns of India, and speak over 20 different Indian languages amongst themselves. At INTA, she is Co-Chair of the IP in Space Project Team which prepared the seminal report launched by INTA this year.

Nadine Jacobson


Fross Zelnick (United States)

Nadine is a partner at Fross Zelnick, a boutique law firm in New York, USA, whose practice focuses on trademark and copyright law globally.  Nadine advises clients on global trademark strategies and managing global trademark conflicts, and has searched, cleared for use, and prosecuted for registration thousands of trademarks of all types globally. Her in-depth understanding of IP treaties, national trademark laws, and the enforcement procedures of dozens of foreign jurisdictions informs her strategic advice to trademark owners from both startups and established companies, across a broad range of industries.  Nadine is also a member of her firm’s compensation committee and has been an equity partner at the firm for more than 20 years.

Peter Johnson


Law Practice Consultants (United States)

Peter practiced law for seventeen years, concentrating on business litigation at a mid-size Boston firm, prior to establishing Law Practice Consultants, which helps law firms manage change and grow their business.  As a former litigator, managing partner and compensation chair, Peter brings a unique perspective to client engagements; one that draws from personal experience with the same challenges and opportunities firms currently face. Since 2003 Peter has worked with numerous law firm management teams, managing partners, CMOs, and practice group leaders, focusing on compensation assessments and policies, and provides analysis and recommendations to help law firms increase client profitability.


How Leaders Can Attract and Maintain Law Firm Talent Through Innovative Compensation Models
Recorded 09/12/2023  |  57 minutes
Recorded 09/12/2023  |  57 minutes Discover a range of law firm compensation models, from traditional seniority-based to complex formula approaches. Our past webinar explored how firms could enhance their models for greater equity, alignment with their values, and the attraction of top talent.