Green Trademarks and Sustainability Marketing–Trends, Enforcement, Risk Mitigation, and Opportunities

Recorded On: 02/07/2024

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The session will discuss green trademark filing trends in the US and EU, legal and trademark office issues relating to green trademarks, things to watch out for when guiding green trademarks, and risk mitigation mechanisms pertaining to the use of green trademarks. The session will also discuss recent enforcement efforts related to sustainability marketing claims in the US and EU, some of which overlap with trademarks (e.g., the term Clean as a trademark and marketing concept) and ways to mitigate risks to limit regulatory and legal scrutiny.


Constantin Eikel, Partner, Bird & Bird, (Germany)

Irene Chang, Trademark, Copyright and Marketing Counsel, HP, (United States)

Joseph Conklin, Senior Vice President, Global Deputy General Counsel, Coty, (United States)

Ron Urbach, Partner/Co-Chair, Advertising and Marketing, Davis & Gilbert, (United States)

Constantin Eikel


Bird & Bird

Constantin is a partner of Bird & Bird and an expert in the field of trademark law, for all questions concerning advertising and unfair competition law, copyright law and trade secrets. Constantin’s expertise in trademark law includes contentious and non-contentious matters, in particular international trademark launches, the management of large trademark portfolios and complex trademark disputes. Another focus of Constantin’s practice is advertising, in particular environmental advertising. He regularly gives advice on national and international advertising campaigns, based on his in-depth knowledge on a variety of technologies and specifics of environmental advertising, such as sustainability, the circular economy, the mass-balance approach, life-cycle-assessments, advertising with green energy, recycling, certificates for compensation of emissions and the use of alternative and renewable raw materials.

Irene Chang

Trademark, Copyright and Marketing Counsel


Irene Chang is a Trademark, Copyright and Marketing Counsel at HP Inc. In this role, she advises the Personal Systems and Marketing businesses on a wide array of trademark, copyright and marketing matters, including trademark prosecution, trademark portfolio management, brand enforcement, brand licensing, advertising and marketing compliance, conflicts and transactions involving trademarks, copyrights or marketing issues. She also develops and supports internal trainings and guidelines on various trademark, copyright or marketing issues; counsels the businesses on asset management; and regularly works with external ad agencies on issues involving marketing assets. Prior to joining HP, Irene practiced trademark, copyright, media and brand protection law at Perkins Coie LLP. Irene received her law degrees from Washington University in St. Louis (JD), National University of Singapore (LLM), and National Chengchi University in Taiwan (LLB). 

Ron Urbach

Partner/Co-Chair, Advertising and Marketing


Ron Urbach (Partner/Co-Chair, Advertising + Marketing, Davis+Gilbert) has been a firsthand participant and leader in the history, growth and transformation of the advertising and marketing ecosystem — and the laws and rules that apply to it. He helps marketing-driven and advertising clients in almost every sector and subsector—including automotive, cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverages, retail, consumer health and much more—successfully navigate legal issues and challenges with practical business solutions. In the course of his career, Ron has seen industries and marketing practices emerge and adapt as technologies, regulatory frameworks and consumer needs change, making him a savvy guide to companies that must push the boundaries of business and law to remain competitive. Whether advising on creative development and packaging; claims, substantiation and promotions; or the latest in digital marketing, such as dark patterns and auto renewal, social media influencers and disclosures, leading-edge environmental advertising, and the new worlds of Generative AI, metaverse and NFT’s: Ron brings his same practical focus while presenting the latest developments on the newest innovation. To Ron, the law is more a tool than a restraint —and his deep involvement in the industry and government allows him to “look around the corner” and let clients know what’s coming next.

Joseph Conklin

Senior Vice President, Global Deputy General Counsel



Green Trademarks and Sustainability Marketing–Trends, Enforcement, Risk Mitigation, and Opportunities
Recorded 02/07/2024  |  63 minutes
Recorded 02/07/2024  |  63 minutes Explore trends in green trademark filings, legal considerations, and risk mitigation, alongside recent enforcement efforts on sustainability marketing claims in the US and EU, providing proactive measures for regulatory adherence.