Being Part of the Solution: Brands Innovate for a Green Future

Recorded On: 04/27/2020

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Brands are the means by which businesses build their reputation in the market and communicate with consumers. Often times, brands can lead innovation and spark a new way of thinking―for example, socially conscious brands that champion the fight against climate change can lead the way to a greener future.  In honor of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day theme, Innovate for a Green Future, INTA will be hosting a free virtual roundtable to discuss the role brands can play in tackling the climate crisis. 

Join moderator Tiffany Valeriano, INTA Brands for a Better Society Committee member, and speakers Aiko Bode, Group Chief Sustainability Officer (Fenix Outdoor International AG, Germany), and Fabrice Mattei, Climate Change and IP Group Head, Partner (Rouse, Thailand) as we discuss the role brands can play in transitioning to a more sustainable economy.  

We will debate compelling issues such as: 

  • The impact that adopting CSR policies has on brand value and the world;
  • Opportunities and challenges for brands looking to implement CSR policies, with examples from Fenix Outdoor International AG;
  • Underlying innovations and commitments resulting from CSR policies;
  • Effects of counterfeiting on CSR policies for brands and consumers;
  • The world’s first IP carbon footprint calculator, “CLipMATE,” and its value for brands and society.

Aiko Bode

Fenix Outdoor International AG (Germany)

Aiko Bode is a historian and biologist and worked in the field of sustainable development for more than 25 years. He currently holds the position of Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Fenix Outdoor International. 

Before joining Fenix Outdoor, Aiko worked for TUV Rheinland as Group Head of CSR & Compliance. He has also been working in the financial sector at a leading European insurance group and with the United Nations at locations in Nairobi, New York and Geneva.

Fabrice Mattei

Rouse (Thailand)

Fabrice Mattei is a Partner of Rouse. He worked 5 years in London and Paris for two international law firms before he moved to Asia in 1996 where he opened Rouse’s offices in Thailand and Myanmar.  His practice focuses on IPRs prosecution & litigation as well as Climate Change. 

Tiffany Valeriano


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